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System Bonuses
What is the jelly system?

The world of Jelly Candy, where sweets become a source of power and vitality!
These colorful treats come in two varieties,
each offering unique benefits for your health and magical energy.

When you consume Jelly Candy,
your health or magic bar will be instantly filled to the maximum,
depending on which type you choose.
Best of all, there are no limits to how many times you can use them,
so you can enjoy their benefits as often as you like!

Jelly Candy HP/MP:
Jelly Candy HP Boosts your maximum health by 5HP with each use,
providing a sweet surge of vitality whenever you need it.
Jelly Candy MP Enhances your maximum mana by 5MP per consumption,
offering a sugary source of magical power to fuel your spells and abilities.

Unlock Your Sweet Power: Journey with Jelly Candy!
If you're wondering where to get these magical sweets,you don't have to look far.
Every day on Crafted Island, a Daily Quest awaits you, rewarding you with one
Jelly Candy Health Points or Mana Points
But that's not all! During special events,
you can also acquire Jelly Candy in a special shop using event coins,
which you collect by participating in events.
Just visit the event shop room in one of the temples to
exchange your coins for sweets that will enhance your chances in tough battles!
Dive into the adventure with Jelly Candy and unleash the full extent of your power!

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