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Type Where Date Description
5.04.2024 [WEBSITE] We have added new outfits to the website in ITEM SHOP.
29.03.2024 [BOSS] Fixed bosses in Lost City, now when a person dies, the room clears
29.03.2024 From now on you can also see on the website: Anti-Dodge, Anti-Critical, Anti-Reflect, Reflect
9.03.2024 "Server info" tab updated
9.03.2024 [EXP STAGE] Updated after 1.5 months.
8.03.2024 [Mini boss] special grids have been improved.
8.03.2024 A new tab "Raids" has been added to the website
8.03.2024 A new tab "Mini Bosses" has been added to the website
6.03.2024 The "Events calendar" tab has been updated.
6.03.2024 The "Events" tab has been updated.
4.03.2024 A new file "FIX - OTClientv8" has been added to the "Downloads" tab for file repair.
4.03.2024 Changes to the "server info" tab were updated
4.03.2024 Modified and updated files under the "Downloads"
4.03.2024 The 'Events' tab on the website has been modified.
4.03.2024 A new tab has been added to the "Events calendar" page.
4.03.2024 [EVENTS] New events have been added to the server.
4.03.2024 [SPELLS] New spell for mages to increase magic level added - works temporarily (10s.).
4.03.2024 [ITEMS] New items and equipment added for players.
4.03.2024 [OUTFITS] New outfits for players added.
4.03.2024 [EFFECTS] Added effects to the server for players, spells, monsters etc.
4.03.2024 [MAP] A new planet "Galaxy" added to the map.
4.03.2024 [DAILY] New content with daily missions added.
4.03.2024 [BOSS] The possibility of Mini-Bosses has been added.
3.03.2024 [MAP] Visibility of the entire mini-map
3.03.2024 [BOSS] Changed the required number of players from 20 to 7.
3.03.2024 [SPELLS] Spells reduction (600LVL, 1200LVL).
Status: Online
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Accounts: 352
Characters: 432
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